Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dear Helen, Dear John,

I've discovered this year that I am not really a reading challenge kind of person. I like reading a book when it feels like the right time for me. When I finish it, sometimes I feel like talking about it but more often than not, I like to absorb it and let it work in me.

This year was a year of detours for me. Four months ( a third of it- that's still hard to fathom for me) I lived in a place I had never anticipated, a life that I hadn't planned. Some of it was really hard, some of it took me back to Canada to the same house I had stayed in as a teenager twenty years ago as well as the house in New Mexico I had lived in at around that same time (three times this year, as it turned out, between December and last summer- after a twenty year absence). Much of it brought a whole lot of awesome into my life.

Reading detours are much the same way. I reread books I haven't read in decades, read some I never thought I would be interested in in the first place, and read a few that I had planned to read someday but not this particular day- and it's okay. It's actually better than okay. It's brought a lot of awesome into my life.

After some unexpected pushing and prompting (and an entire site set up for me courtesy of all three of my brothers), I am moving most of my writing to one place. Ultimately it'll be easier for my readers who follow more than one of my blogs (my writing will be searchable and accessible by categories) and much easier for me, not having to fragment my life into pieces when they overlap and intersect so frequently on a daily basis. So from now on, I'll be writing to you there:

Loving you through all of life's detours,


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Becky said...

So glad to hear about the awesome! I'll be following at your new site. Sending you lots of love!