Who are Helen and John?

Helen is my great-grandmother who was always encouraging me to try new things.

John is my grandfather and Helen's son. We loved to watch old movies, talk about history and books, and listen to music together.

I write notes to them on this blog about the things I would share with them and that they would enjoy if they were still here.


Cassandra said...

I love the idea of this blog! I wish I had known my grandparents so well. Anyway, sounds like Helen and John were amazing people :)

Melanie Boudwin said...

Thank you! I originally started this blog because I was lonely for them and for my dad, especially with the holidays coming. All of them died a long time ago, but to my joy and surprise this blog has helped to fill some of the void and has made me feel close to them again.

Perhaps by finding out more about your grandparents from those who knew them, and through letters and photographs they may have left behind, you might discover interests and experiences you have in common that will help you feel a greater connection to them.

My great-grandmother died when I was very young, but I have come to know and love her better through her scrapbook, her letters, and a book of poetry with a tender inscription to her from her first husband, who died just a few weeks after they were married in WWI.